The most glamorous handheld booth for the photobooth industry.

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What is the #PICMEUP?


We have added full mirror silver
front and back
to our product range

A great tool in the photographer’s toolbox for upselling to clients. from corporates to wedding guests and children’s parties. The #PICMEUP can be sent in the post, taken on a bus easily. This is a new option for those looking to extend their profit per event and reach into new markets.
Full support and advice are given to enable you to start your #PICMEUP business.

Handheld design

Designed to carry around any event to present to people to enable a roaming booth type activation.

Takes an iPad 10.5 Pro,

Large enough to be usefully seen, small enough to be lightweight.

Perfect for all types of events

From large festivals and corporate events to small family gatherings at home, the #picmeup has a place.

Perfect for small events too

Even tiny events where a photo booth can’t fit or the budget isn’t there, rent the #PICMEUP and get ahead of the competition.

Integrated lights

Our power bank will power the #PICMEUP for up to 8 hours. Long enough for most events.

Watch our production video

Take a look at our #PICMEUP in action, and how it’s constructed. A lot of your questions are answered in this video.

Colourful designs and
a classy shape

We can produce any colour, our stock is of gold front( with black back) and the NEW all mirror silver front and back.


A great upsell or addition

to your photo booth business.

Whether you’re in the photobooth business or not, this addition to your sales options will help grow your company, giving you a unique offering in your local area.
We have wedding photographers who have purchased these and earn £200 a wedding extra.
We have DJ’s who also do the same at their bookings.
Photobooth business’ run these either alongside their existing booths, or capture events where their existing booth doesn’t quite cut it. Small venues or huge venues both benefit from the ease of use of the #PICMEUP brings to your customers.

Whats unqiue about a handheld booth?

Carry your booth around the venue.

Bring your booth to your customers.

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For large events

The #PICMEUP is unique in that it has long lasting integrated powerful lights that allow you to walk around large indoor or outdoor events, ensureing you capture the maximum number of people at the event you are attending.

Photobooths can get lost in the corner of large events, and the results will reflect this. Ensure you get that rebooting by providing a high usage result from your booth by using the roaming #PICMEUP

For small events

For small events the #PICMEUP is ideal for venues where you can’t fit a booth. Maybe you have a paerty on a boat, maybe it’s a kids party, or maybe it’s a low budget event. All these event types are perfectly suited to using a #PICMEUP

You’ll be happy to EXPERIENCE
our awesome features.

Functional designs

Designed not to warp and to be part replaceable.

Premium Service

Provide great staff, and great experiences by getting everyone involved with your #PICMEUP at your events.

Business Innovation

Something new to upsell to existing bookings, or create a whole new market for yourself.

Free promotional imagery

We provide free promotional imagery to get you marketing your own #PICMEUP as soon as possible.

Business Support

We will help you with ideas to get your business started, how best to use the device and markets you can now explore with your new #PICMEUP

User replaceable part

Each section of it can be replaced or upgraded as new innovations come out.



Have a question in mind?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I need on top of buying my #PICMEUP

You will need to purchase an iPad 10.5 Pro although a 9.7 Pro will also fit. ( ask for details) You will also need appropriate photo booth software for your requirements. we can advise on this should you need it.

3. What support do we get?

we supply a databank of images for you to start promoting your #PICMEUP straight away.
There isn’t anything electronic or mechanical in the #PICMEUP so support isn’t needed. We can always advise on prices you should charge, and how to upsell yours to your clients.

2. How can I pay for this? How quick can you get it to us?

We have a shop online here, and we can get the #PICMEUP to you pretty fast but always contact us first if you are in a rush to get one.

4. Do you have any deals on?

subscribe to our newsletter above to hear of deals and other items related to our #PICMEUP. If you are looking to bulk buy for your organisation do contact us.

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